Take FlexDraper® Performance Over the Top! The ContourBuddy™ Performance Option is a simple mechanical system allowing the operator to run their FlexDraper unlocked in Flex, and utilize Auto Header Height mode while cutting crops off the ground. To accomplish this, the design uses strategically placed wheels under the FlexDraper for instant response of the Flex/Float system, mirroring the contours of the field while cutting up to 10 inches (250mm) from the ground surface. The ContourBuddy™ provides operators with a number of performance benefits including:

  • Use of flex mode and auto header height while cutting off the ground - adjustable to leave between 4’’ (100mm) and 10’’ (250mm) of stubble*
  • Smooth, consistent stubble heights – ideal for reducing erosion, catching winter snow, and setting you up for planting
  • Reduced operator input – Set your cut height and go!
  • Reduced digging/picking stones
  • Eliminates the need for gauge wheels up to 10’’ (250mm) stubble height*

View our Parts Guide to learn more.

*True range varies slightly depending on field soil conditions and combine model.

Note: Outer skid shoe mounting brackets are required for installation (sold separately)


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